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Does Your Lawn Mower Need an Oil Change?

A person pushes a lawn mower over grass.

If you’re the proud owner of a perfectly manicured lawn, chances are you have a trusty lawnmower by your side. It’s key to creating a lush, green oasis. But have you ever wondered what type of maintenance your lawnmower needs, like maybe an oil change?

Get ready to rev up your mechanic skills because your lawn mower definitely needs its oil changed.

Just like cars require regular oil changes to keep their engines running smoothly, lawnmowers need the same kind of TLC. The oil in your lawnmower lubricates the engine, reducing friction and keeping everything in tip-top shape.

You want to change it at least once per year but maybe more than that depending on your mowing needs.

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Figuring out how often you need to change your mower oil isn’t as simple as checking the oil level, though. Most lawnmower manuals provide guidelines on oil changes. Typically, they recommend changing it every 25-50 hours of use or once every season.

Thankfully, changing the oil in your lawnmower isn’t a complicated process. Start by sealing up the gas tank to keep everything safe. Then, locate the oil drain plug. With a drain pan properly positioned, remove the plug to drain the old oil into the pan. Replace the plug and fill it up with fresh oil.

Now you’re ready to confidently conquer your yard, knowing that your lawnmower is running smoothly and capable of tackling any overgrown patch of grass in its way. Happy mowing!

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