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Does Vanilla Extract Get Rid of Paint Fumes?

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When it comes to home painting projects, the lingering smell of fresh paint can be a major drawback and a source of procrastination. Maybe you really want to update the walls in a room with fresh color, but you really don’t want to live with paint fumes for days on end.

What if there were a simple solution to combat those unpleasant odors? Apparently, there is, and it’s waiting right in your kitchen—vanilla extract.

According to some home experts, adding a tablespoon of vanilla extract to your can of paint will help neutralize the fumes without changing the color of your paint. At least, that’s what Mitch Couch, a home maintenance and repair guru, claims is true over on TikTok.


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It’s no secret that vanilla extract smells delicious. It makes baked goods tantalizing and can even be used as a room refresher to improve the scent of your home. When it comes to neutralizing paint fumes, however, it’s worth maintaining a certain level of skepticism.

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The truth is, there doesn’t seem to be much scientific evidence supporting this claim. While it would be amazing if it worked, individual experiences vary—especially when using different types of paints.

If you already have a room you need to paint and you’re up for a small scientific experiment, there doesn’t seem to be any harm in trying. After all, what harm could come from adding a little bit of sweetness to your home painting projects? Just keep your expectations flexible.

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