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Will Tapping a Jar Help You Open It?

A woman attempts to open a sealed jar.
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We’ve all been there, practically dancing around the kitchen, breaking a sweat as we try to twist open the lid of a jar. And, let’s face it, you don’t want to cave and ask someone else to help you. There are plenty of “hacks” out there for opening jar lids, from slipping a butterknife underneath to running it under warm water.

But, tapping the lid of the jar might be the best solution!

The main reason jars are so notoriously difficult to open is the seal. While a properly-sealed jar is important for transportation and safety, it can also make it feel next to impossible to open. So, finding innovative ways to disrupt the seal will make it easier to twist just about any jar open with ease.

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When you give the lid of a jar a few firm taps with the handle of a wooden spoon or knife, you’ll likely “break” that seal, and it should be easy to twist open. If it’s not, give it a few more taps and try again.

If you still can’t open the jar after tapping it a few times, take that same butterknife and slip it under the rim of the jar lid. You can use it as a “lever” to pry the jar open. Once you hear a subtle popping sound, it’s a sign that the seal has been broken, and you should be able to twist the jar open easily.

So, does tapping a jar lid make it easier to open? Yes! But, you might need to try it a few times before it works. Every jar is different, but consider adding this hack to your arsenal of solutions the next time it’s pasta night and you’re trying to open your favorite sauce.

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