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Should You Wash New Towels Before Using Them?

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There’s nothing quite like a new towel. It’s soft, fluffy, and once you get it home you can’t wait to use it after a relaxing shower. But, you might want to pump the brakes on wrapping yourself up in that brand-new bath towel.

New bath towels could contain more germs than you realize, and after you get so fresh and so clean, the last thing you want is for your new towel to make you dirty again!

A stack of towels in a department store might look nice and clean, but think about how many people might have touched them before you took them home. The employees who set them out, other customers who might’ve been interested, kids with sticky fingers…you get the idea. Plus, if they’ve been sitting out for a while, there’s no telling what kind of germs could’ve gotten on them from the air.

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Treat yourself to new towels - just don't forget to wash them first!

Even if you order new towels online, it’s best to wash them before using them. They could be harboring everything from dust and other particles to bacteria that could be harmful to your health. Again, people have to touch those towels, whether it’s in a factory or a packing and distribution center. You don’t want their germs on your body!

Whether it’s a bath towel, hand towel, or kitchen towel, take a few extra minutes and toss them in the washing machine before using them for the first time. Doing so will keep you safe and clean, and you’ll get the added bonus of a warm, fluffy towel fresh out of the dryer.

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