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Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of June 12, 2023

Chris Hemsworth stars in Extraction 2 on Netflix.
Chris Hemsworth stars in Extraction 2 on Netflix. Netflix/YouTube

If you’re looking to see a blockbuster in the comfort of your own home, this week’s Netflix drop is for you. From the sequel to a Chris Hemsworth-helmed action film to a new comedy special from Amy Schumer, there’s plenty dropping this week.

Obviously, the biggest launch this week is Extraction 2, the sequel to Chris Hemsworth’s action film crafted by the Russo Brothers. Those looking for action will definitely want to mark their calendars for it. Then, there’s Amy Schumer’s new comedy special Emergency Contact which sees the comedian talking about everything from marriage to motherhood.

Whether you want comedy or action, here’s everything coming to Netflix the week of June 12, 2023.

  • June 12
    • Dunkirk: Follow the story of the evacuation of the beaches at Dunkirk in this historical film.
    • Tom and Jerry Tales: Seasons 1—2: The famous cat and mouse are back.
  • June 13
    • Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact: The comedian talks marriage in her latest comedy special.

  • June 14
    • Forged in Fire: Season 8: Bladesmiths compete in challenges in this competition series.
    • Married at First Sight: Season 13: Watch couples get married at first sight and navigate their new relationship.
    • Our Planet II: David Attenborough narrates this look at the creatures and places in our world.
    • The Surrogacy: A woman is coerced into surrogacy to save her father.
  • June 15
    • Cold Case Files: Season 2: After 20 years, the death of two grandparents is reopened.

  • June 16
    • Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King: A boy born with no magic works to become the Wizard King and prove he does actually have magic.
    • Extraction 2: Chris Hemsworth returns in this sequel.
  • June 17
    • Grey’s Anatomy: Season 19: Catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.
    • King of the Land: An heir clashes with his employee during an inheritance battle.
    • See You in My 19th Life: A woman who remembers all of her past lives sets out to find a love from her last one.
    • Suits: Seasons 1—8: The inner workings of a law firm are explored in this series.
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