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Seen the Viral Target Fish Bowl Tumbler? Here’s an Alternative

A fish bowl shaped glass is filled with blue liquid and candy.
Clint Svatos/TikTok

Target lovers know how dangerous the dollar section can be to their wallets. Sure, it’s a dollar section, but there’s so much stuff to buy that the price adds up. Now, there’s one more Target dollar section item to add to your cart—the viral Target fishbowl cup.

The bad news about the adorable fishbowl-themed cup, though, is that it’s sold out practically everywhere and not available online. But there is an alternative.

The thing that’s so special about the Target fishbowl is just how on-trend it is. The cup is, of course, fishbowl shaped, and it’s tinted blue to resemble water no matter what you put in it. The best part, though, is that the straw that comes with the cup features an adorable goldfish charm, so when you fill the cup, the fish looks like it’s swimming. Yes, it’s adorable, and yes, it’s perfectly acceptable for grownups to use, thank you very much.


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Unfortunately, there’s nothing exactly like the Target fish bowl, but that doesn’t mean you can create your own alternative with some of these alternative Target fish bowl cup options.

BubbleWally Fish Bowls

Two women drink out of round fishbowl cups, and a fish bowl cup is filled with oranges.

You can snag a four-pack of plastic, fishbowl-shaped glasses with lids on Amazon. Like the Target versions, the plastic material means they won’t shatter if dropped, and there’s a lid to prevent spills. Make your fanciest cocktail and pop it into this cup, and you’ll have a similar feeling to the original.

As for the fish detail, that’s solved by TikTok content creator Clint Svatos who showed a clever fishbowl recipe online. In his kid-friendly drink, Svatos adds Swedish Fish (yes, the candy) to the fishbowl before filling it up. The result is floating fish!

BubbleWally Fish Bowls for Drinks

Make your own fishbowl.

FuturePlusX Pineapple Cups

A woman sits in a flamingo float and drinks from a pineapple cup, and multiple pineapple cups are arranged in rows on a table.

Are these fish-themed? No. Are they exceptionally fun? Yes. That’s really all that matters, right? Because while the Target fish bowl tumbler is great, there’s something to be said for sipping from a pineapple. Plus, you get 12 in this pack making them ideal for parties and themed gatherings.

FUTUREPLUSX Pineapple Cups

Make a pineapple drink in a pineapple!

Irenare Watermelon-Shaped Drinking Cups

Watermelon shaped drinkware sits on a table full of watermelon, and people dance while holding cups that look like watermelons.

Celebrate with these amazing watermelon-themed pieces of drinkware. At this point, it’s probably clear that there’s no exact alternative to the Target fish bowl cups, but you can replace them with something equally as fun. These watermelon glasses clearly fit the brief. With a plastic construction, they won’t shatter around a pool or at party, and they also come with adorable watermelon straws.

12 Set Watermelon Shaped Drinking Cups

Not a bad way to sip, right?

GaoGao Octopus Martini Glasses

A person pours red wine into a martini glass with octopus legs.

Class things up but keep the fish theme going with these octopus martini glasses. While you won’t be pouring rum punch in these (but hey, if you want to, go ahead), they’re perfect pieces to add some quirky fun to your nightcap.

Octopus Martini Glass

Bring some fun to your classy drinks.

Whether you plan to fill up your fishbowls with summer cocktails or are looking to be a bit more kid-friendly with mocktails, these alternatives to the viral Target fish bowls are perfect.

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