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This Is the Travel Must-Have You’re Forgetting to Pack

A Dosey Wellness Wallet is filled with pills.

There’s a lot on your mind when it’s time to pack for travel. You’ve got to plan your clothes, put your toiletries in TSA-approved containers, and make sure you’ve got all your chargers packed away. If you’re someone who takes medicine, vitamins, or supplements daily, packing them can slip your mind.

But there’s a way to remember—Dosey’s Wellness Wallet is the convenient, easy-to-pack way to remember your medications.

Dosey Wellness Wallet

Keep your pills in one place.

So, what makes a pill organizer so special? Well, first of all, just by looking at it, you can tell it’s not your average organizer. The Dosey Wellness Wallet was designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Thanks to its compact size—which can still hold up to seven days’ worth of pills—the organizer can slip easily into a carry-on bag, purse, or backpack and remain discreet. But for those of us (yes, me) who like our luggage to be pretty, its sleek leather construction and multiple pastel hues are also a big plus.

While yes, you will still need to remember to place your medication into the pouches that come with the wallet, keeping it stashed away with the rest of your luggage until you need it again means always remembering, “Oh, that’s right, I need to fill this up.”

Plus, if you’ve ever just tossed your medicine into your bag, you know there are downsides. Sure, you don’t have to “pack” it, but it rattles around in your bag like Skittles. And the worst part? If you’ve placed your medication or supplements on a counter, packed your bag to leave, and inadvertently left them behind, you know the pain of getting your prescription refilled or buying new supplements. 

If you’ve trips planned soon and need a sleek and clever way to travel with medication, Dosey’s Wellness Wallet is it.

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