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Here’s the Major Lawn Care Mistake You Might Be Making

Man fertilizing and seeding residential backyard lawn with manual grass fertilizer spreader.
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Are you stuck in a never-ending battle with your lawn? No matter how much time and effort you put into maintaining it, does it still lack that lush green carpet appeal? Well, you might be guilty of committing a major lawn care mistake without even realizing it: cutting your grass too short.

We’ve all been there, aiming for that pristine golf course look by mowing our lawns as low as possible. But here’s the truth: shorter is not always better. According to lawn experts, when you give your grass a super-close shave, you’re weakening it and making it more prone to disease.

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Short grass blades tend to struggle. They’re more susceptible to stress, diseases, and weed invasions than longer grass. Cutting your grass too short is like robbing your lawn of its natural defenses, leaving it vulnerable and crippling its growth.

So, what’s the right height to aim for? As high as you are willing to deal with. The taller you let your grass exist, the better it will thrive. Usually, around three inches is a satisfactory length to help prevent weed growth, retain moisture, and keep the grass healthy.

By adjusting your mower’s settings and giving your grass a little extra room, you’ll be amazed at the transformation. If you’re seeking the healthiest grass, then resist the temptation to go short and embrace the beauty of a long lawn.

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