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When Is the Best Time to Water Plants in Summer?

A watering can pours water onto a plant in the ground.

Summer is here! While you’re soaking up the sun, don’t forget about your thirsty garden and houseplants. They rely on you for regular hydration. If you want your plants to thrive, then timing is everything when it comes to watering during this scorching season.

Ideally, you should water your plants in the morning during the summer.

According to plant experts, the best time to water your plants in the summertime is in the morning before the heat of the day hits. Since temperatures are cooler, less water is lost to evaporation. Plus,  the soil has had a chance to dry out overnight, so your plants can easily absorb the moisture they need.

Homarden Stainless Steel Watering Can

Make plant chores more enjoyable when you have some chic watering tools to work with.

Additionally, watering in the morning allows the foliage to dry off completely before the scorching midday sun arrives. This helps reduce the risk of fungal diseases on your greenery.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—what about watering in the evening? Wouldn’t that beat the heat? While it might seem like a good idea to give your plants a drink after a hot day, it’s not recommended. Watering late in the day can create a damp environment overnight, increasing the risk of disease.

Instead, set your alarm for your plant’s regular morning drink to consistently keep them at their best. Watch them perk up and greet the day with gratitude as they bask in the perfect dose of hydration.

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