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Why People Hang Soda Bottles in Their Yards

A squirrel eats out of a bird feeder.
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Innovative garden techniques can be life-changing for your backyard designs. This is especially true if you’re in a constant bird feeder battle with squirrels. These rodents present a constant skirmish of perseverance, clever tactics, and annoyance.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people hang soda bottles in their yards, here’s a hint: it’s to conquer that battle against crafty squirrels.

If your garden has a bird feeder filled with scrumptious seeds, you’re likely inviting plenty of colorful birds…as well as endless obnoxious squirrels. That’s where the soda bottles come into play. People have been hanging a soda bottle on each side of their bird feeder to create a squirrel repellent.

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When squirrels attempt to reach the bird feeder, they encounter dangling soda bottles, which sway and create unpredictable motion. This movement startles the squirrels, disrupting their sneaky plans and making it difficult to get a mouthful of food. Without reward, the squirrels give up the chase.

Soda bottle hanging is an affordable, effective technique that has gained popularity among bird lovers. If you incorporate the right types of bottles into your feeder setup, you can create a squirrel-proof zone while adding a touch of whimsy and personality to your outdoor space.

So, the next time you spot soda bottles adorning someone’s bird feeder, know that they’re not strange décor choices. They’re ingenious squirrel deterrents, ensuring that our feathered friends can enjoy their meals in peace.

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