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This Common Plant Mistake Could Be Causing Ants

Ants inside a home
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Pests are a common yet frustrating issue for garden enthusiasts and plant lovers. Unfortunately, some common, entirely preventable plant mistakes often end up worsening pest problems. Before you wave the white flag in defeat to your pest infestations, here’s one of the most common mistakes plant parents make that ends up attracting ants: overwatering.

If your green thumb is a little too generous with the watering can, you’ll end up causing water to pool up. In turn, this creates an ant-friendly environment. Remember, ants aren’t only attracted to your picnic leftovers…they’re also on the hunt for water.

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Ants get thirsty, and even when they’re not personally thirsty, their friends back at the colony might be. Ants are often looking for moisture they can drink themselves or carry back home for others. When you overwater your plants, you’re providing a superb water source for them.

To prevent this, you need to examine your plant watering routine. Ensure you’re providing your plants with the appropriate amount of water, and allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Never allow your plants to sit in a pool of water or ants might make themselves at home.

By striking the right balance with your watering habits, you can create an environment that is less appealing to ants while keeping your plants nourished. This will help you maintain the beauty of your plants without welcoming an ant army.

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