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Why People Put Bars of Soap in Their Yard

A bar of soap is lathered up and sitting on top of bubbles.
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Imagine strolling through a beautifully manicured garden, smelling the roses and admiring the foliage…only to discover a bar of soap nestled among the soil. You might think it’s an odd choice for garden décor, but the truth behind its purpose is even more fascinating.

People are using soap bars to deter animals and bugs from wreaking havoc on their beloved plants. It turns out that soap is quite a superhero in the garden!

Certain scents of soap are highly unappealing to many pests and animals. If you’re looking to deter garden-eating creatures like insects, rabbits, or deer, a bar of soap can help. The pungent scent turns away pests, leaving your plants and garden to flourish.

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An alternative to soap is to battle backyard pests with essential oils.

All you need to do is place a fresh bar of soap in your garden, strategically positioning it in areas prone to unwanted visitors. To make this method most effective, go with soaps with the strongest scents. Strong minty or citrus scents are ideal.

To limit a sudsy mess on rainy or watering days, you can shave small pieces of soap into your garden instead of placing a whole bar. Concentrate your soap shavings around plants that get the most unwanted attention and along your garden border.

With this eco-friendly pest control method, you can expect to deter all sorts of bothersome bugs and vegetarian animals.

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