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Can a Plant Prevent Snoring?

A man snores while he sleeps on his back.

If you’re a snorer (or maybe your partner is), then you’ve probably tried every hack imaginable to put an end to the nighttime noise. But there’s a rumor out there that a special type of houseplant—the pineapple plant—can work its magic, stop the snoring, and restore harmony to your sleep environment. But is it true?

Unfortunately, these snore-stopping rumors aren’t true. The theory is that since pineapple plants produce oxygen during the night, they can also put an end to snoring. Despite claims that this happens—and while pineapple plants do produce oxygen at night—they have no positive or negative effect on snoring.

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Earplug might be your best bet for now.

Pineapple plants are, however, absolutely adorable and still deserve a spot in your living room,  bedroom, or kitchen. They deserve a spot wherever they fit because they’re so charming.

These plants are extremely low-maintenance so you don’t need to worry about them adding too much load to your plant maintenance tasks. They enjoy bright, indirect light, so set them in a room that gets a lot of light without any need for direct sun.

While it is a bit of a bummer that pineapple plants won’t cure your snoring, they will help create a pleasant environment. Incorporating air-purifying plants in your bedroom can help enhance your sleep sanctuary, providing tranquility for (hopefully) quiet nights.

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