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Why Do People Put Plastic Forks in Their Gardens?

White plastic forks are stuck into soil in a garden.

There are so many plant and gardening hacks out there that it’s hard to keep up. All of them have their distinct purpose in improving your greenery, flowers, and vegetables. If you’re hoping for an easy way to create a pest-free paradise, then plastic forks might be all you need.

Plastic forks sticking out of the soil in your garden like little garden sentinels help prevent animals from eating your plants.

Turns out, those plastic forks can be powerful allies in your battle against pesky garden invaders. By strategically placing plastic forks in your veggie patches and flower beds, you can deter animals from nibbling on your produce.

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For this method to be effective, make sure you place your forks with the tongs facing upwards. Then, when a rabbit, deer, or squirrel swings by for a snack, they’ll see the prongs and mistake them for predators.

The forks act as a deterrent, creating an obstacle course that discourages furry visitors from approaching your garden like a buffet. While maybe not the most attractive pest control method, it is a cost-effective solution that eliminates your need to use chemicals on your veggies.

There’s no need for fancy gadgets or expensive fences to deter pests. Just grab a bundle of plastic forks, position them in the soil in a defensive position, and watch your garden become off-limits to intruders.

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