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What Is Sun Tea?

A pitcher of black tea steeps in the sun.
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Summer is officially here, and that means you’ll need plenty of cool, refreshing drinks on deck to beat the heat. While lemonade and cocktails will always be classics, you might want to consider trying a new summer staple this season—sun tea.

It’s a simple process that brews perfect iced tea, and almost all of the work is passive, so you can enjoy a cool cup of tea that’s been “brewed” by the sun all day when you get home from work.

Sun tea is a staple for some people. You might remember your grandma making it every week in the summer. But, what is it?

Simply put, it’s iced tea that’s brewed using the heat of the sun. You don’t have to boil any water or babysit it. Instead, you fill your favorite jar with water, add a few tea bags, close the lid, and set it out in a sunny place for a few hours.

2 Pack Wide Mouth 1 Gallon Clear Glass Jar

The perfect jar for brewing a big batch of sun tea.

The sun will brew the tea slowly, and some people swear the flavor is better than the traditional method of boiling water and adding tea bags.

Once your tea is brewed, continue to let it steep on the counter inside for 3-4 hours. Remove the tea bags, pour over a glass of ice, and enjoy! You can even turn it into sweet tea by using sugar or honey to taste.

Once you know how to make it, sun tea will become your go-to summer drink. It’s a passive recipe that utilizes the beauty of the summer sun to create something delicious and refreshing. Cheers!

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