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How Your Cutting Boards Can Prevent Illness

Chopped chicken sits on top of a colorful cutting board.
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Whether you’re an avid cook or your idea of cooking is boiling a pot of water, cutting boards are a staple in the kitchen. You’ll use them at some point, no matter how often you cook. But, did you know that your cutting boards can help to prevent illness—when they’re used the right way.

Yes, that’s cutting boards—plural. Having more than one is essential for the kitchen so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe with every meal.

One of the biggest rules in professional kitchens is avoiding cross-contamination. You should work just as hard to avoid it at home, and your cutting boards can help.

Set of Four Plastic Cutting Board

Color-coded boards can prevent cross-contamination.

Think about it this way—if you’re chopping an onion on the same board that was used to cut up chicken earlier, you’re inadvertently putting yourself at risk for foodborne illnesses caused by salmonella and other types of bacteria.

Using color-coded cutting boards is the easiest way to prevent cross-contamination and to keep things organized.

You can set up a system that works best for you. For example, a green cutting board could be used for vegetables, a red one for meat, etc. When you organize your boards that way, raw meat and chicken are kept away from other prepared foods, and you’re less likely to get sick.

Of course, it’s still important to thoroughly clean your cutting boards with soap and water after each use. Even if you only chopped a few vegetables, lingering bacteria can seep into the board if it’s not cleaned properly.

No matter your skill level in the kitchen, keep things as clean and safe as the pros, and invest in color-coded cutting boards.

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