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Crushed Iced Is Better Than Cubed According to Science

A raspberry on crushed ice.

Whether you’re an owner of a restaurant, a bartender, or you want to create perfect beverages at home, knowing your ice makes all the difference. While you may have personal preferences, there’s real science behind choosing the perfect type of ice.

In the battle of ice, crushed ice emerges as the clear winner every time for a few different reasons.

One of the main reasons crushed ice triumphs over cubed is due to the superior cooling capabilities. With smaller size comes increased surface area. This means crushed ice has a greater capacity to rapidly lower the temperature of liquids, ensuring a refreshing sip, every sip.

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Not only that, but crushed ice is much easier to use for blended and mixed drinks. This makes it the ideal partner for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts. You can effortlessly achieve the perfect balance of flavor and texture with crushed ice, creating harmonious beverages.

Crushed ice reigns supreme in its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of purposes. From refreshing summer coolers to blended cocktails and even specialty coffees, crushed ice effortlessly adapts to necessary drink preparations. It adds that extra touch of refreshing indulgence.

So, the next time you reach for an ice tray, consider crushing the ice instead of settling for chunky cubes. Then you can cheers to the best drinks in town!

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