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How to Tell if Strawberries Are Sweet Before Buying Them

A bowl of bright red strawberries.

There’s nothing quite like biting into a juicy, fresh, sweet strawberry. The flavor bursts in your mouth, tasting like summertime. But how do you ensure you get the sweetest berries before buying them?

Here’s the trick: check the color, size, softness, and location.

The biggest clue into the flavor of a strawberry is in its color. If you want perfect strawberries, look for them to be perfectly red. Opt for strawberries that are a bright, vibrant red from top to bottom. If the berries have pale, green, white, or bruised patches, you want to avoid them.

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Proper storage is another important factor in having delicious produce.

Next, pay attention to the size. Rather than grabbing the biggest berries, you actually want to choose smaller strawberries if you’re looking for a sweet bite. The bigger the strawberry, the more water it contains, which can dilute the sweetness.

Once the berries have passed the color and size test, consider their texture. If the berries are too soft, they may be overripe. Look for signs of bruising or juice stains, which indicate softness. If you see any mold, choose a different container.

Lastly, you want to consider where you buy your strawberries. Purchasing your produce locally is the best way to ensure you get the highest quality and the best flavor. With these expert tips, you’re fully equipped to select the most mouthwatering strawberries available.

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