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This Soda-Pouring Hack Means No More Messy Overflow

Woman pouring two glasses of soda from a bottle

There’s nothing like cracking open a cold soda and pouring it over a glass of ice—especially when the summer heat starts to become too much to handle. But, most of us have fallen victim to the dreaded “foam volcano” that often comes when you pour too quickly or a little too much, leaving a mess all over your table or counter.

That leaves you with less soda in the glass and a sticky situation to clean up.

Thankfully, there’s a soda-pouring hack you can use that will put an end to messy overflows, so you can enjoy a full, ice-cold glass every time.

The pop tab that makes it easy to open your carbonated beverage serves more than one purpose. Some people use it as a straw holder when they want to drink from the can. But, if you open a can and use the tab to hold it down in an angled position against the glass, you’ll get a perfect pour without excess fizz.

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You can check out the process by watching Instagrammer Jordan_the_Stallion8 if you need to know how to get it exactly right.


When it comes to food and drink hacks, this one couldn’t be simpler. The tab does all the work for you, angling the can perfectly against the glass so there’s no foamy head and no risk of overflowing. While there are plenty of hacks out there to reduce the chance of excess fizz within the can, this one might trump them all by eliminating too much fizz and foam before you actually start to drink.

Give it a try for yourself and you’ll end up cracking open a few more sweet sodas this summer.

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