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Why You Should Actually Want Crows in Your Yard

A crow is perched on a branch.
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Many of us think of crows as a bad omen, or get creeped out when we see a murder of them (did you know that’s what a group of crows is called? Yeah, that’s not scary at all.). But, crows have been stereotyped far too often over the years, and they’re not as bad as you might think.

In fact, having crows in your yard could actually be a good thing—especially if you’re an avid gardener trying to keep pesky insects from eating your plants.

And that’s only the beginning when it comes to why crows are so beneficial.

First, crows are incredibly smart. So smart, that they can actually remember faces. If they get to know you and recognize your yard as a safe place, they might actually end up bringing you little gifts. It’s not uncommon for crows to deliver tokens like buttons, rocks, and cans to people they recognize.

Aside from making cute crow friends, they’ll do a lot of leg work in your yard when it comes to keeping pests away.

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Crowns are omnivores, meaning they eat plants and animals. They can gobble up and disperse seeds, fostering new growth and life, and you’ve probably seen them on the street chomping on…well, roadkill. While it might seem gross, they’re actually cleaning up the roads and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Finally, a single family of crows can eat tens of thousands of caterpillars and other insects in one season. If you’re a gardener or you’re tired of bugs chewing up your plants, you want crows around.

See? Crows aren’t as creepy or menacing as the movies want you to believe. Turn your yard into a bird safe space for them with food, water, and shelter, and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

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