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How Coffee Can Help Your Grill

A grill sits on a home's outdoor patio.
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Coffee and grilling might not be the most obvious pairing in the world—unless you’re preparing a coffee-rubbed steak, which sounds absolutely delicious. But, did you know you can actually clean your grill with coffee? That doesn’t mean you should pour your cup of morning joe on your grill grates—but it’s almost that easy!

With many people trying to get away from wire grill brushes and look for safe cleaning methods, a “cup of mud” could be the answer.

Let’s take a closer look at how coffee can help to clean your grill.

Most people know that coffee is acidic. While there are things you can do to help with that acidity if it bothers you while you’re drinking a cup, it’s the acid that actually helps when it comes to cleaning your grill grates.

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Clean your grates and your grill accessories by soaking them in coffee.

A strong cup of coffee can work wonders on grill grates that have a layer of grease or are just mildly dirty. This isn’t a hack you should use if you have caked-on char or a build-up of grease.

But, for regular cleaning and maintenance, brew a big pot of coffee, pour it into a large container, and soak your grill grates. You can also soak your BBQ utensils if they could use a good cleaning!

The acid from the coffee will eat away at any residue on the grates. Let them soak for about an hour, rinse with water, and make sure they’re fully dry before returning to your grill. It’s a great way to get the gunk off without having to scrub with a wire brush. The best part? You don’t necessarily have to brew a fresh pot—you can use the leftover coffee you had this morning so it doesn’t go to waste.

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