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How Coffee Can Humanely Repel Squirrels

Squirrel running on backyard fence

Squirrels are cute, but they can be downright annoying when they ransack your garden or hijack your bird feeder every day. All of your hard work tending to your plants and caring for the birds can go down the drain when a squirrel decides to make your backyard its feasting place. But, coffee might be the solution when it comes to safely and effectively keeping them away.

The idea of caffeine and squirrels might not seem like a great thing, at first.

But, the bold aroma of coffee that we all love isn’t as pleasant for these ravenous rodents.

Many people can’t imagine getting through their morning without a strong cup of coffee. And, the only thing better than that first sip is the smell of it brewing.

But, squirrels don’t like that smell of coffee the way we do! It’s too strong of an aroma for their sensitive noses. So, you can use coffee grounds to keep them out of your garden, or your entire yard.

It couldn’t be simpler to safely keep the rodents away. Just sprinkle coffee grounds evenly around your yard or your planters. You only need to spread about 1/2-inch up to an inch anywhere you’re trying to keep squirrels from infiltrating.

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Keep squirrels out of your yard with freshly-ground coffee.

If it rains, you’ll need to reapply the grounds right away. Otherwise, you can get away with sprinkling them about once a week to keep squirrels away.

As a bonus, coffee grounds can provide essential nutrients to the soil, helping your garden grow. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor that much sooner, and you won’t have to worry about harming your neighborhood squirrels in the process.

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