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Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chill’d Flavor Is a Movie Lover’s Dream

ben & Jerry's ice cream
Ben & Jerry’s

You’ve had a long workday, but it’s Friday. Netflix has just released its new shows for the week, but alas, what snack shall you eat during your binge-watch? Good news, marathon-watchers! Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chill’d ice cream is going to be your new go-to snack when season 2 of The Umbrella Academy finally lands.

The new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor is designed to mimic all of your favorite movie-watching snacks but—obviously—in ice cream form. In the new product that was created in direct collaboration with the streaming service, ice cream lovers will find a base of peanut butter ice cream mixed with tasty pretzel bites for a salty tang and brownie bites for that chocolatey gooeyness you’d get from so many movie theater candies.

Two people sitting down to watch Netflix, holding up the new ice cream flavors.
Ben and Jerry’s

The Vermont-based brand will make two versions of the ice cream. While the flavor and most of the ingredients won’t change, the second iteration won’t contain dairy. Those of you who are sensitive to ice cream (and other dairy products) and were bummed you couldn’t try this Netflix-themed treat are in luck.

As for when you can start enjoying this new movie snack themed flavor, there’s good news. The new creation from the ice cream brand is coming soon, and you can be one of the first to know when it hits shelves. Ben & Jerry’s has a page where you can be added to a mailing list, so you’re one of the first to get your hands on the peanut butter ice cream.

Ben and Jerry's ice cream sitting on a table surrounded by brownies and pretzels.
Ben and Jerry’s

In the meantime, though, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors are legendary, and there are plenty of other fun choices to choose from. Sure, there are classics like Cherry Garcia and Half-Baked, but the brand also has several options that are just as fun as Netflix and Chill’d.

If you love a mix of cinnamon and chocolate, there’s Justice ReMix’d, the company’s partnership with Advancement Project National Office that helps to support criminal justice reform. However, if you want something more in line with the Netflix and Chill’d theme, there’s always The Tonight Dough, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon’s original flavor with cookie dough, caramel, and chocolate chunks.

Ben and Jerry's new Justice Remix'd flavor.
Ben and Jerry’s

While you may be disappointed that you can’t get Ben & Jerry’s new Netflix & Chill’d Ice Cream just yet, don’t worry. There are still plenty of flavors to go around—and if you’re in need of inspiration, you can always take the Ben and Jerry’s Netflix flavor quiz to pair a Netflix Original with an existing ice cream flavor.

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