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Barefoot Hard Seltzers Will Be Made with Wine—Sign Me Up

Barefoot wine seltzers lined up on the edge of a fountain

Brace yourself, White Claw enthusiasts. There’s a new hard seltzer ahead, and this one is unlike anything you’ve already got in your cooler. Barefoot’s hard seltzers will be made with wine. Yes, wine. If you’ve over drinking traditional versions, Barefoot’s new creation might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

It’s hard to deny that 2019 was the year of the hard seltzer. From established brands like Budweiser debuting seltzer products to brands like White Claw creeping into the cultural consciousness (no law when you’re drinking Claws, right?), the beverage is here to stay. If you were worried about the products getting stale, don’t worry. Barefoot’s hard seltzers are here to save the day—and maybe even dethrone White Claw as the potential drink of summer ’20.

Beginning in February, the new Barefoot seltzers will be up for grabs, marking the first wine-based seltzer available to the masses. According to Bustle, the new seltzers from the wine brand will come in four different flavors: peach and nectarine, cherry and cranberry, pineapple and passionfruit, and strawberry and guava.

As for pricing, you can expect to pay the standard rate for your existing packs of hard seltzer. Bustle reports that cans will retail for $1.99 each, packs of an individual flavor (4 cans) will cost $7.99, and a full 12-pack will go for $19.99. Yes, that’s slightly more than your White Claws and Trulys, but this is wine, people!

Barefoot isn’t the only brand expanding its offerings, though. While yes, major drink brands like Budweiser and Natural Light have introduced the lower calorie drink, seltzer companies are also expanding with new flavors and new iterations of the drink. Henry’s, a brand previously known not for its wine or beer but for its hard sodas, has introduced its own seltzer range. Truly, a company that only creates seltzers, recently introduced hard lemonades into its lineup.

If you’ve reached your quota of hard seltzers to try, Barefoot’s hard seltzer might be the one to reignite your passion for this trendy drink. After all, it is made of wine, and wine is the answer to everything, right? Right? Just me? Definitely not just me.

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