King’s Hawaiian Rolls Now Have A Museum & There Are Snacks

kings hawaiian bungalow
King’s Hawaiian

When most people think of King’s Hawaiian rolls, they have visions of plates full of bread at Thanksgiving or ham and cheese sliders at Christmas. Now, though, the holiday season has passed, and you maybe aren’t thinking about those delicious sweet loaves of bread. The King’s Hawaiian Roll Breakfast Bungalow is going to change that. Yes, yes you did read that correctly. The bread brand has created an entire bungalow themed around its iconic rolls. It’s both an homage to iconic food and a place for you to indulge in chef-imagined creations.

The King’s Hawaiian Breakfast Bungalow is a pop-up museum and restaurant that’ll be set up in New York City from February 22 through March 1. Multiple installations will be set up inside the popup to give you a sense of being in the bread’s namesake location: Hawaii. From a blue ball pit meant to resemble an ocean to a mountaintop view of the “island,” you’ll feel immersed in the island state without ever setting foot there.

While the installations are enough to fill your Instagram account with content for weeks on end, they aren’t the only reason you should visit. The popup is, after all, a combination of museum and restaurant, and the food certainly doesn’t seem like it will disappoint.

The King’s Hawaiian Bungalow will have specially curated meals by chef Jamie Young of restaurant Sunday in Brooklyn. From the savory tastes of a Hawaiian Chicken Fried Steak Katsu sandwich to the Coconut S’mores French Toast, the menu at this hybrid location seems like it will be just as impressive as that ball pit.

Kings Hawaiian Breakfast Bungalow
King’s Hawaiian

If you want to make all of your Instagram and taste bud dreams come true, tickets for the bungalow are available now via Eventbrite. Adults will pay $25 for access, and kids’ tickets will cost $10. Yes, that does include your food. Overall, the NYC-based event is a steal.

kings hawaiian bungalow
King’s Hawaiian

If you want to experience this bready bungalow for yourself, grab your tickets now. Carb lovers everywhere will likely be scrambling to get in.

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