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Chick-fil-A’s Heart Shaped Nuggets Are The Perfect V-Day Gift For Anyone

chick-fil-a nuggets

Your grocery store is likely littered with pink and red balloons, mounds of chocolate, and one too many heart-shaped items. However, there’s one non-anatomically correct heart you may be interested in. Chick-fil-A heart nuggets are the best way to show someone you love this Valentine’s Day, and while sadly, the chicken itself hasn’t been expertly molded into the romantic shape, you can get them for your someone special in a heart-shaped tin, and that’s basically the same thing, right?

According to Chick-fil-A’s blog, The Chicken Wire, the fast-food giant is bringing romance to the drive-thru. The Valentine’s Day event began on Jan. 20 when heart-shaped tins became available not just for nuggets but for a few different CFA staples. The announcement explains that you can pop into your local chicken purveyor and snag a 30 count heart-tin of nuggets, ten-count chicken mini biscuits, or a six-count of chocolate chunk cookies.

Is there any better way to say I love you than with chicken (sorry to those cookies)?

chick-fil-a nuggets

You can take advantage of Chick-fil-a heart-themed food up until Feb. 29. If you oopsied and forgot to get your partner a gift, a plate full of nuggets or mini chicken biscuits seems like a much better way to say I’m sorry than flowers.

You will, however, need to check in with your local store. Availability varies by location.

The heart-shaped nugget gift wasn’t the only thing that Chick-fil-A had for fans in January, though. From the beginning of the year and throughout the month, fans of the fast-food restaurant could snag a free 8-count of nuggets for free on the Chick-fil-A app. While that opportunity will have passed by Valentine’s Day, it is further proof that this chain seems always to have something up its sleeve.

With 2020 just barely underway here’s hoping for Easter egg-shaped nuggets, American flag-shaped chicken sandwiches, and whatever else Chick-fil-A may have in mind.

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