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Jameson’s Cold Brew Whiskey Is A Coffee Lover’s Dream

jameson cold brew

While some may prefer the creamy, sweet taste of a dash of Bailey’s or Kahlua in their coffee, others aren’t so into the dairy-based alcoholic additions to their caffeinated beverage. If that’s you, say hello to Jameson’s Cold Brew Whiskey. This new innovation from the famous brand is available now, and you may just have a perfect new take on an Irish coffee.

According to the Jameson website, the new whiskey is exactly what it sounds like — a combination of classic oak-barrel whiskey tastes and coffee. It’s a simple addition to the whiskey brand’s lineup, but one that will likely be welcomed by those who can’t resist a good coffee-themed drink. For those who prefer the more simple side of cocktails, there are no additives or weird things to burn in a glass to create the flavor of the coffee whiskey —  just the smooth simplicity of Jameson’s Cold Brew Whiskey on the rocks.

jameson cold brew

While the whiskey is available now, you’ll want to move quickly to get your hands on the new creation. It’s a limited edition launch from the liquor label and thus won’t be around forever. Thankfully, Jameson has made things easy on you. Its website has a handy store locator where you can pop in your zip code and find the nearest booze retailer near you and get your alcoholic coffee fix.

jameson cold brew
Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard

Jameson’s cold brew isn’t totally new, though. According to a press release from the liquor label’s parent company Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, the item launched first in Australia and Ireland where it performed well. International Marketing Director for Jameson’s parent company, Brendan Buckley explains the release, “While coffee and Irish whiskey are no strangers in the glass, we wanted to modernize this iconic duo in a refreshing way which will appeal to curious whiskey drinkers looking for new flavours and experiences.”

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new coffee-inspired drink, you just love whiskey, or you love coffee and whiskey, Jameson’s Cold Brew is for you.

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