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Why You Should Put a Hummingbird Feeder By Your Window

Hummingbird flying up to red feeder by a window

One of the best things about spring and summer is that the warm weather welcomes back beautiful hummingbirds, especially if you live in the northern part of the U.S. Hummingbirds are fun to watch and they’re important pollinators. So, it only makes sense that people try to attract them to their yards.

There are plenty of ways to attract hummingbirds for hours of beautiful birdwatching from colorful feeders to the right type of nectar.

But, putting a feeder by your window will benefit both you and your flitting feathered friends.

You might think putting a feeder close to your window would deter hummingbirds or scare them away into thinking they’re getting too close to people. But, they typically don’t mind since they’re far more interested in the vibrant colors of the feeder and the sweet nectar inside.

Hanging a hummingbird feeder by your window is beneficial for both of you. It gives you a front-row seat to watch the beautiful birds enjoy a meal—especially if you get more than one at a time!

More importantly, though, having a feeder near the window helps to protect the hummers. Hummingbirds can get spooked easily, especially by bigger prey birds, like hawks. If they have to take off quickly to get away from a predator, they might not always watch where they’re going.

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Because hummingbirds can build up a lot of speed quickly, they can crash into windows just as fast, and when they’re at “top speed,” that kind of crash can be catastrophic for them.

If your hummingbird feeder is already near the window, they have less time to build up a lot of speed. If they crash into the window, they’re less likely to get knocked out by the force.

While this might seem like a small gesture, it can make a big difference in the safety of your hummingbirds. So, hang your feeder by the window and enjoy watching your feathered friends all season long while keeping them just a bit safer.

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