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This Simple Trick Will Attract Fireflies to Your Yard

A firefly flying away from a child's hand
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There’s something magical about seeing a group of fireflies lighting up a warm summer night. Being able to sit outside and see them flickering around the yard sounds like something out of a dream, but it’s something you can enjoy just about every night when you know how to attract these little “lightning bugs” to your yard.

If you’ve only seen a few fireflies so far this summer and you want to invite more of them to your little backyard paradise, there’s a simple trick that can help.

Keep your lights down low—and no, we won’t apologize for the Bob Marley reference.

There are plenty of ways you can make your yard more attractive to fireflies. Keeping your grass longer and providing food and water sources can all help.

But, if you really want to bring in more fireflies and see them more clearly, turn off your outside lights.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that fireflies prefer darkness. When it’s dark, it’s easier for them to see other fireflies, which can help them recognize a safe space or a potential food or water source. When fireflies see each other and gather in one area, that’s when you’ll get the best light show to watch from the porch!

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Attract fireflies to your yard by blocking out the light from your house.

If you have outdoor globe lights, solar lights, or even porch lights, consider turning them off if you want to attract more lightning bugs. Even your interior lights could be deterring them, so close the blinds and curtains and step outside to enjoy the moon, stars, and a symphony of glowing fireflies.

This simple trick can make a world of difference. So, if you’ve been wondering where all of the fireflies are this summer, they could just be avoiding the light in your yard. Go dark, and you’ll be rewarded with their magical glow.

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