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Why You Should Put Cat Litter in Your Plants

Litter box with clean cat litter and a pink scoop
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If you’re a plant parent, you’ll probably try just about anything to help your plant babies survive. Maybe you’re a compost queen or a propagation prince. But, have you ever tried putting cat litter in your plants? It might seem gross, but don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you use your feline friend’s used litter.

Clean kitty litter, however, can help your plants thrive whether you’re growing succulents, bulbs, or just about any other type of houseplant.

You’ll get the biggest benefit if you use a clay-based litter, but how can you actually use it to help your plants?

By mixing clean cat litter with potting soil, you’ll help your plants in a couple of different ways. First, cat litter helps to retain water. That helps to reduce the risk of over-watering and potentially killing your plants. It also assists with proper drainage and aeration, which reduces the chance of root rot.

It’s important for all plants to have the right oxygen-to-water ratio, and kitty litter can help with that. It’s light enough to allow just the right amount of moisture to disperse through the plant while still allowing air pockets for roots to grow and thrive without oversaturating them.

It can be especially effective if you’re growing succulents, which are sensitive to moisture and need quick drainage.

Of course, if you’re going to try this plant hack, it’s essential to get the right kind of cat litter. Litter that’s laden with chemicals could do more harm than good to your plants (and, frankly, your cat!). Opt for a dust-free, non-clumping formula that’s fragrance-free for best results. Then, feel free to mix it with your soil and watch your plants grow!

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