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What’s the Best Place to Put a Bird Feeder?

Bright red cardinal perched on bird feeder

Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or you just enjoy inviting a variety of fine feathered friends to your yard each year, attracting them with food is a great way to bring birds to your yard. But, even if you have top-of-the-line birdseed and a feeder that can keep away squirrels, you might not be getting as many birds as you want if your feeder isn’t in the right place.

Learning where to hang your bird feeder this season will not only help to attract more birds, but it will keep them safer, and make it more enjoyable for you to watch them.

So, if your feeder is ready to hang, where’s the best place to put it? Make bird safety your top priority.

There’s no “perfect” spot to hang a bird feeder. Rather, you should focus on the basic needs of your bird friends—food and safety. Hang feeders high off the ground to keep them safe from predators, including neighborhood cats. Hanging your feeders high will also keep birds off the ground and away from potentially harmful lawn chemicals or pesticides.

Choose a quiet area that doesn’t see a lot of activity from people or other animals. Birds want (and deserve) to feel safe while they snack.

While keeping a feeder someone secluded and secure is good, it should also be easy for birds to see and access, or they’ll pass it by and get their food elsewhere.

Finally, try to keep your feeders away from windows. While you might be tempted to have a feeder right by your picture window for easy viewing, it could be a recipe for disaster. If a bird needs to make a quick exit, they could end up running into the window at full speed.

If you want to bring more feathered friends to your yard while keeping them safe and nourished, keep these tips in mind and hang your feeder in the right place.

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