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How Hand Soap Can Keep Wasps Away From Your Deck

A bottle of liquid hand soap sits on a counter.

Picture this…you’re enjoying a sunny day on your amazing deck, savoring the warmth and tranquility of your backyard when suddenly, a wasp crashes your peaceful retreat. While wasps may congregate around your wooden oasis, there’s an easy removal method waiting at your sink inside.

Go into your house, grab some liquid hand soap and a spray bottle with water, then get ready to reclaim your space of relaxation.

As it turns out, repelling wasps is as simple as embracing the scent of certain soaps. Hand soap happens to be one of those things wasps hate, so use it to your advantage. Create a healthy mixture of hand soap and water in your spray bottle and keep it next to you while out on your deck.

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If you spot any wasps getting uncomfortably close, give them a generous spritz to repel them from the area. If you’re feeling brave, you can spray around your deck, paying extra attention to cracks and crevices where wasps like to hide. 

Not only is this method effective in repelling wasps, but it’s a safe, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative to a lot of chemical pesticides. Bonus points if you use the soap to clean your deck while you’re at it.

Always approach wasp pest control with caution. These ornery creatures might get a bit irritated and want to attack the source of the threat. Wasp prevention is key to maintaining a comfortable home but make sure you’re careful when dealing with these insects. 

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