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Should You Rinse Your Mouth After Coffee?

Woman sips from a coffee mug.

Ah, the invigorating aroma and rich flavor of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. It jumpstarts our day, fuels our productivity, and brings a sense of joy. But here’s the burning question: should you rinse your mouth after sipping your morning brew?

The answer is apparently, “Yes!”

Coffee, while undoubtedly delicious, has a slightly acidic nature that can damage or stain your teeth. This acidity can weaken the enamel, making our pearly whites more susceptible to staining. Rinsing your mouth after drinking coffee can help you maintain good oral care.

VitaCup Perfect Low Acid Coffee Ground

Low acid coffee can be easier on your smile.

If you’re a frequent coffee drinker and also someone who cares about the shine of their smile, rinsing your mouth after drinking acidic beverages (like coffee, soda, certain fruit juices, and sparkling water) can help keep your teeth healthy and bright.

You can also opt for cold brew rather than hot brewed coffee if you want an energy boost in the morning that shrinks the threat of teeth stains. Typically, cold brew is less acidic than hot coffee due to the brewing process, which can be better for your oral health.

Alternatively, you can embrace some beverages with lower acidity such as low-acid coffee, more creamer in your morning cup of joe, or sticking to—yes, it’s possible—plain water in the morning. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re supporting your dental care along the way.

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