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Can’t Find a Ninja Creami? Snag This Shaved Ice Maker For Early Prime Day

The DASH Shaved Ice Maker + Slushie Machine

Are you on the hunt for the elusive Ninja Creami, the viral ice cream maker that everyone’s been raving about? It’s certainly been a challenge to find, flying off the shelves seemingly as soon as it lands there. Thankfully, we’ve found an exciting alternative that will satisfy your chilly cravings.

I’m talking about the Shaved Ice Maker + Slushie Machine, a fantastic summer appliance that will keep you refreshed all season long.

With the Ninja Creami creating a buzz in the ice cream world, it’s no wonder that many are eager to get their hands on it. That being said, shaved ice is a great alternative to ice cream and this shaved ice maker can craft plenty of delicious treats and tasty cocktails.

DASH Shaved Ice Maker + Slushie Machine

Now you can make summer treats that are always light and refreshing no matter the time of day.

This fantastic machine allows you to create yummy shaved ice recipes that are perfect for hot summer days—or honestly, anytime you’re in the mood for a refreshing dessert.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Shaved Ice Maker + Slushie Machine is incredibly easy to use. Simply add your ice cubes and press a button, then watch as it whips up some fluffy, mouthwatering shaved ice.

You can add your favorite syrups, fruits, and toppings for endless customizable creations.

Not only is the Shaved Ice Maker a fantastic alternative to the Ninja Creami, but it also offers its own unique advantages. Its compact size makes it ideal for fitting into any kitchen no matter the size. So what are you waiting for? There are icy dessert recipes to make!

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