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How to Hack Your Keurig for Stronger Coffee

Person loading a Folgers coffee pod into a Keurig machine
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Millions of people across the globe have a Keurig coffee maker in their kitchens. While the brand started in 1998, it’s continued to grow in popularity throughout the 21st century, and saw another big surge during the pandemic. But, if there’s one thing to complain about when it comes to the Keurig, it’s that it doesn’t typically produce the strongest cup of coffee.

Did you know you could change that?

You can buy dark roast Keurig pods, of course, but that might not be bold enough for some coffee drinkers. If you want stronger coffee, use two pods.

If you can’t imagine starting your day without filling up a giant mug or a huge to-go thermos, you might be tempted to press the most giant cup setting on your Keurig. But, that’s one of the reasons why your coffee might often taste watered down or weak—even if you’re using a dark roast.

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Each K-cup only holds a certain amount of coffee grounds. So, the more water you’re adding to those grounds, the weaker your coffee will be.

If you want strong coffee but you’ve got a big mug to fill, use two K-cup pods and less water.

After loading up your Keurig with a single K-cup, put your mug underneath the spout and resist the urge to press the “large” icon. Instead, choose the smaller coffee mug icon. Your brew will be made with less water, so the coffee that comes out will be more concentrated.

Of course, that’s not going to fill up your cup. So, go for two! Dispose of the first pod and put in another one, going through the same process. You’ll be left with the perfect amount of coffee for a larger mug, and a brew that isn’t watered down.

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There are a few potential drawbacks to this hack. First, it’s going to take a few minutes longer than just hitting the “large” button to fill your mug. But, for stronger coffee, it’s worth it.

The other issue you might be worried about is the environment. K-cups have gotten some flack over the years for being wasteful and harmful to the planet.

But, according to Keurig, K-cup pods have been 100% recyclable since 2020. So, you can toss all of your pods into the recycling bin after each use, and feel good about doing something positive for the planet.

If you’re willing to wait just a bit longer for strong coffee, give this hack a try. It’ll make you love your Keurig even more!

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