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How a Hardboiled Egg Can Help Your Houseplants

Hard boiled eggs on the counter with one that is partially peeled.

When it comes to caring for houseplants, we’re all just trying to do our best. We want our plants to live their most well-nourished lives. If you’re looking for a clever plant hack to give your plants the boost they need, you might be surprised to find one in a simple kitchen recipe.

The secret is to hard boil some eggs, but save the water.

While the egg itself isn’t meant for the plant (feel free to have it as a yummy snack), the water used to boil the egg is full of nutrients. Not only can the water provide essential nutrients to your green friends, but the eggshells themselves can also be repurposed as well.

Instead of pouring your hardboiled egg water down the drain, let it fully cool and use it to water your houseplants. Egg shells have high levels of calcium, which is an essential nutrient for plant growth. The traces of calcium left in the water can help nourish your plants. 

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Calcium helps strengthen the cell walls of your plants, promotes root development, and supports overall plant health. When a plant is suffering from a calcium deficiency, any new roots, leaves, and shoots tend to have weak cell walls, distorting the new growth.

Stronger cell walls mean sturdier plants that are more resistant to disease and pest attacks. So, by incorporating hardboiled egg water into your plant watering routine every once in a while, you’re giving your plants a natural nutrient boost without spending an extra dime.

You should also know that you can use eggshells as a fertilizer for your plants and garden. Instead of tossing them in the trash, simply crush the eggshells into small pieces and sprinkle them around the base of your plants. 

As the shells break down, they release calcium and other minerals into the soil, providing a nourishing environment for your plants to thrive. This is a cost-effective way to reduce your kitchen waste while improving your plant’s health.

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There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using hardboiled egg water or shells to help your plants.

Firstly, always make sure you let your ingredients fully cool. Placing boiling hot shells or water on your plants can shock them.

Secondly, if you tend to heavily salt your water when hard-boiling eggs, avoid using those ingredients on your plants. Adding too much salt to your soil prevents your plant from absorbing the amount of water it needs. This can lead to wilted, damaged, and even dead plants.

So, the next time you’re boiling eggs, don’t discard the water or shells—try this plant hack and give them a new purpose. Your houseplants will thank you with strong cells and happy new growth. 

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