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Have You Been Using Your Paper Towel Holder Wrong?

Paper towel rolls sitting on the counter.

We all have them, but paper towel holders are such handy tools that often go practically unnoticed in our kitchens. However, just because they’re not at the front of our minds doesn’t mean that we’ve been using them correctly. Most of us are using our paper towel holders completely wrong.

If you’re hoping to make your paper towel holder more convenient and efficient, then you definitely want to consider putting it under your upper cabinets rather than on your countertop.

Thanks to the creative minds on TikTok, a recent video by user @cippirippicippi sparked a new wave of excitement around paper towel holders. The fact that excitement about a paper towel holder is even possible is also thanks to TikTok.


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Traditionally, we’ve been accustomed to placing the paper towel roll flat on the counter, allowing us to tear off sheets as needed. This viral TikTok video showcases a mind-blowing concept: using the paper towel holder on its side.

By simply turning the whole thing on its side and sliding it onto your upper cabinets, you can transform your paper towel holder into a convenient dispenser.

This dispensing technique offers several advantages that can revolutionize your paper towel experience. One of the best advantages is that it’s a space saver. You can quickly free up valuable counter space, which is particularly advantageous for smaller kitchens where every inch matters.

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If you don't have the right cabinets for this hack, that doesn't mean there isn't a paper towel holder upgrade for you.

Another great thing about this method is you can utilize a one-handed tear. Easily rip off a single sheet using just one hand. This is especially useful when your other hand is occupied with cooking, cleaning, or other kitchen-related tasks.

You also get increased stability with this method. It prevents the roll from slipping off the holder, dragging the holder around, or falling off the counter. You’ll no longer have to chase after runaway paper towel rolls during busy kitchen moments.

Obviously, the best paper towel positioning depends on you and your personal needs. Not all paper towel holders are created equal, not all kitchens can easily accommodate this method, and not all people will find this to be their favorite kitchen organization technique.

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Microfiber cleaning cloths can be a great way to reduce your paper towel waste.

Embrace your freedom and explore different holder designs to find one that accommodates your preferred dispensing. The best paper towel holders offer stability and support to cover your paper towel-grabbing needs.

So experiment with different paper towel holders and adapt to this new dispensing method if you want. Or, keep your kitchen the way you’ve always had it and you’ll always know where your paper towels are.

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