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Why You Should Put Candle Wax on Your Sink’s Faucet

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There’s nothing like spending time and elbow grease cleaning your bathroom, only to step back and see it sparkle from all of your hard work. But, then you get a glance at your sink faucet and see limescale and water marks that seem to stick around no matter how hard you scrub. Thankfully, there’s a hack that could help with that.

Having a candle in the bathroom is usually reserved for relaxing bubble baths, but it could also serve as your next favorite cleaning tool for your faucet.

All you need is a little bit of wax.

This hack was brought to light by TikTok user @thegoodlifehack. She simply applied some wax from a candle onto her sink faucet and rubbed it in with a soft washcloth. The result? A clean, shiny faucet that repels water droplets and is free of limescale. You can check out the original TikTok video below.


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Why does this hack work so well?

The candle wax serves as a barrier. It’s not actually cleaning the faucet, but it’s adding a protective layer that repels water. That’s why, as you can see in the video, when water droplets get on the faucet they will simply pool and slide off, rather than leaving streaks behind that make the sink difficult to get clean.

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The same spa-like candles you use to relax in the tub can be used to keep your faucet sparkling.

Still not convinced this hack is worth it? Think of what happens when you polish your car. Going through a carwash is great for getting rid of dirt and dust, but it can leave water spots behind and your car isn’t protected from getting dirty again in a matter of minutes.

When you get your vehicle polished, you’re creating a protective layer that keeps dirt away, but also helps to eliminate water spots when it rains.

The same concept can work wonders on your sink faucet. Plus, if you don’t have a candle on hand or don’t want to “ruin” one by rubbing it on the faucet, try a piece of wax paper. By rubbing the waxy side directly on the faucet and handles, you’ll get a similar result.

This isn’t a one-time, permanent solution for keeping water and limescale away. You may need to reapply a thin coat of wax periodically. But, it’s something you can add to your cleaning routine to keep your faucet shiny and free of spots. If you tend to struggle with hard water stains and limescale, it’s worth it to spend a few extra minutes polishing and protecting your faucet.

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