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Does Closing Your Blinds Keep Your Home Cooler?

A hand closing window blinds against the sun.

As temperatures rise during the scorching summer months, we’re all looking for ways to keep our living spaces cool. One commonly debated tactic is closing the blinds to block out the sun’s rays and maintain a cooler indoor environment. Does this method work or is it a useless hack? 

It turns out that closing your blinds really does help keep your home a little cooler.

When sunlight enters your home through windows, it can contribute to the heating of interior spaces. Closing blinds can provide a level of insulation for your home against the sunlight, blocking visible heat waves. It’s one step to preparing your home for heat.

By closing the blinds during the hottest parts of the day, you can reduce the amount of heat that enters through a window and builds up in your living spaces. This can help maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature and reduce the load on your cooling system.

Changshade Light Blocking Roller Shades

A quality set of blinds can help keep your home private and cool.

Some blinds are specifically designed to reflect solar radiation away from your home, minimizing heat gain even more since they do more than just insulate. This reflective effect can be particularly effective when using blinds with a light-colored surface facing the sun. 

It’s worth noting that while closed blinds can contribute to a cooler home, the effectiveness varies depending on several factors. The type and quality of blinds, the orientation and size of windows, the intensity of sunlight, and the overall insulation of your home all play a role in your home’s indoor temperature.

Closing blinds alone may not be sufficient to keep your home significantly cooler during scorching summer days. It is important to combine this practice with other effective cooling strategies if you want to stay fully comfortable.

To improve your home’s energy efficiency even more, consider using energy-efficient window treatments or tinting your windows. You can also increase your home’s insulation and make sure that all your doors and windows are properly sealed.

KESPEN Window Privacy Film

This window film adds privacy and reflects heat to help keep your home comfortable.

It also helps to use ceiling fans on hot summer days to reduce the stress on your air conditioner and improve airflow. You can also practice energy-conscious habits such as limiting the use of heat-generating appliances during the peak hours of heat during the day.

Experimenting with different strategies and considering the unique characteristics of your home will help you create a comfortable indoor environment. You may need to get super strategic during the sweltering days.

Closing your blinds does provide some cooling effects, but it’s best when you utilize this method along with other cooling strategies. Don’t forget to explore other options to beat the heat and keep your home comfortable all summer long.

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