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Why Do People Put Cinnamon on Their Front Door?

Cinnamon sticks next to a bowl of ground cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to a recipe is a great way to bring warmth and spice, which makes it a popular ingredient for baking. But, there are other uses for this natural spicy ingredient that you might not know about—including putting it on your front door. No, it’s not meant to make your home smell like Snickerdoodles. Rather, the practice has spiritual roots meant to honor a time-honored tradition of wellness.

It’s an ancient practice, but it’s getting attention on TikTok.

So, if you see people on the platform blowing cinnamon at their front door, they’re really trying to promote spiritual wellness and prosperity.

Many cultures across the globe have utilized cinnamon for its spiritual properties for centuries —it’s even included in Biblical passages as a spice that was added to anointing oil for a high priest.

Cinnamon has also been used throughout history as a medicinal spice—especially in China and India. Even today, many people swear by it to alleviate digestive issues, and even diabetes.

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Some people even use cinnamon to keep bugs away, since many insects don’t like the strong, spicy aroma. But, blowing cinnamon on your front door isn’t meant to be used as an insect repellent.

Rather, it’s meant to be done as part of a monthly routine to attract prosperity, wellness, and abundance. Ideally, it’s done on the first of every month as a way to give yourself and your home a fresh start and to set positive intentions for the entire month.

According to May Shorrock, a spiritual wellness expert at Burnt Beech, it’s been common throughout history to use cinnamon in “wealth-attracting rituals.” So, as you begin a new cycle each month, blowing cinnamon across your door is meant to help you pull prosperity to your home and your life.

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Can a sprinkle of cinnamon on your door really boost prosperity each month? Can it help you come more healthy, wealthy, and wise? It all depends on what you believe. But, there’s a lot of historical backing when it comes to the use of cinnamon for spiritual rituals. Maybe those ancient cultures were on to something.

The interesting thing about this practice is that it’s coming back into popularity—again, largely thanks to TikTok. You might have never thought about using cinnamon to attract abundance before, but getting back to using herbs and spices as wellness resources could be a sign that people are looking for more simple, natural ways to boost their well-being in this chaotic and noisy world.


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