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Aldi Is Selling Garlic Bread Pizza So Grab Some Mints At Checkout

garlic bread pizza

The Super Bowl may be over, but Aldi is still offering foods perfect for any occasion where there’s a ton of hungry people in your house (or you know, when it’s just you). According to Instagram account Aldi Buys, Aldi is selling garlic bread pizza. Yes, it is a combination of the two most delicious foods in the world, and yes, you will definitely need a breath mint.

The pizza is from Aldi brand Mama Cozzi’s and features a square cut, traditional sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Because all of those toppings are piled atop garlic bread, this pizza hits a little differently. Plus, since that pizza comes courtesy of Aldi, the price is right. While the cost of the cheesy, garlicky entree isn’t listed online, most of the bargain store’s frozen foods retail for under $5.

Say goodbye to delivery. Aldi is coming for your Pizza Hut habit.

Cover of a box of Mama Cozzi's Garlic Pizza Bread
Mama Cozzi’s

The pizza, however, isn’t the only offering that Aldi has to entice customers in. According to the brand’s Instagram account, there’s heart-shaped pizzas and sriracha cheddar. But perhaps the greatest creation that the brand has posted has to be its dill pickle-flavored popcorn. Yes, you did read that correctly.


The creation is much like your classic pickle chip, just in a flavored popcorn package. In comments on the Aldi Instagram, people seem to love this odd snack and have even had trouble finding it. It turns out, it’s a limited edition item and will only be in stores while supplies last.

Whether you’re jonesing for some garlic bread pizza or need pickle popcorn in your life, Aldi seems like the place to go.

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