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Can Bubble Machines Keep Away Mosquitos?

Red bubble machine with bubbles floating in the air

Summer is in full swing, and while that means warm temperatures and longer days, it also means there are plenty of pesky insects invading the skies—including mosquitos. While there are plenty of ways to keep mosquitos at bay when you’re outside, there’s one solution you might not be familiar with—using a bubble machine.

Yes, the thing your child begged you for at the store a few weeks ago, or the machine you bought for a party last year and haven’t used since.

But, it’s not the bubbles themselves that will keep mosquitos away—it’s the fans inside the machine.

The idea of using a bubble machine to prevent mosquitos might seem unconventional. But, it’s one of the latest social media “hacks” making the rounds online, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some people are seeing success from it.

But, there’s no science behind bubbles (or soap and water separately) keeping away mosquitos. There’s nothing “toxic” about bubbles, and even the scent doesn’t make a difference. It doesn’t provide enough of a mask to keep mosquitos from reaching what they’re looking for (ie; humans).

Rather, the machines can be somewhat effective because of the wind they produce. Mosquitos are notorious for being bad flyers, and they don’t like flying in windy situations. Because bubble machines contain fans that consistently blow to release bubbles, they’re creating air circulation all around the area, and mosquitos might want to avoid that.

So, do you need to go out and buy a bubble machine for your next outdoor get-together? Maybe, but not necessarily to keep mosquitos away. You can achieve the same effect by setting a fan or two outside. They’ll probably be even more powerful than the bubble maker, and you’ll keep even more mosquitos away.

But, there are even better ways to stay comfortable and bite-free when you’re outside. The easiest option is to use a bug spray containing DEET. DEET stands for N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, and it’s so effective because mosquitos (and ticks!) hate the way it tastes.

If you’re looking for a more natural solution to keep yourself protected from mosquitos, try essential oils like clove, thyme, or fennel.

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There’s also the tried-and-true method of utilizing citronella candles when you’re outside. Mosquitos don’t like the strong scent of citronella because it masks everything else, so they’re likely to stay away and look elsewhere for something to snack on.

While a bubble machine can work to keep some mosquitos away this summer, you don’t have to go out and buy one for the sole purpose of getting rid of the flying pests. Instead, try an alternative solution, like a fan or bug spray, and you’ll likely get even better results.

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