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Here’s When Mosquitos Are Most Active

Mosquito on a flower at sunset
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Let’s face it, no one likes mosquitos. No matter how much you love summer, you want these pesky flying disease carriers to stay as far away from your family cookout as possible. Mosquitos aren’t just annoying—they’re dangerous. While there are plenty of things you can do to try to keep them away, knowing when they’re most active can help you plan your activities accordingly.

Now that summer is in full swing, we’re in the height of mosquito season, but there’s a reason you don’t see many of them out in the middle of the day.

Mosquitos prefer cooler temperatures, so you’re most likely to see them in the early morning hours.

Summer days can get hot very quickly, and while humans might have ways to effectively escape the heat, mosquitos don’t. In fact, daylight can be deadly for them, dehydrating them quickly. There’s a reason why you often see more mosquitos in dark, damp areas like woodlands, wetlands, and ponds.

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Mosquitos tend to stay in those areas during the day because they provide moisture and shade. If you’re an avid hiker or want to enjoy an afternoon fishing session, you might run into the insects in those areas, and you should protect yourself from bites accordingly.

But, if you just want to spend time in the backyard or walking along the beach, going out in the middle of the day is your best bet to stay mosquito-free.

Unfortunately, mosquitos tend to become more active again during the early evening hours as the sun starts to set. That time might be ideal for you to get outside, too, since it’s a bit cooler. That can put a damper on your evening run, or even a relaxing night on the porch with family and friends.

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Thankfully, even if mosquitos are active when you want to be outside, you can keep them away from you by protecting yourself with bug spray, or by using citronella oil or candles to deter them. They don’t like the smell, and are more likely to stay away.

You can also deter mosquitos from your home by making sure there’s no standing water anywhere outside, and using natural repellents like basil, lavender, and lemongrass in your garden to repel them. It’s nice to have a shady, cool yard, but the more shade you provide, the more mosquitos you’re likely to attract. Keep that in mind if you plan on spending time outdoors in the early mornings or evenings.

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