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The Hotel Room Safety Tips to Know Before Your Next Trip

Hotel room door with key in lock
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Whether you’re on a family vacation or out of town for work, staying in a hotel is one of the best options for a place to sleep. While doing your research ahead of time on the best hotels at your destination is important, it’s just as essential to know a few basic hotel room safety tips that could keep you (and your family) protected during your stay.

No one wants to think about something shady happening in a hotel protected by security and with plenty of other people around, but, unfortunately, things can still occur. It’s up to you to know the best ways to keep yourself safe.

Thankfully, tips on how to stay safe in a hotel room have been making the rounds on TikTok and across the internet lately. Let’s cover a few you should keep in mind before your next trip.

Do a Sweep of the Room

A hotel room

The first thing to do when you unlock your hotel room door is to leave the door propped open with your suitcase. That might seem counterintuitive, but it’s just until you’ve done a thorough search, so you can escape the room quickly if you need to.

The idea here is to check the room for any people who might be hiding and waiting to do harm. That includes looking in any cabinets or entertainment centers, behind curtains, in the bathroom—including the shower, and under the bed. You can see how a flight attendant who stays in plenty of hotels goes through this routine each time in the TikTok below.


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Invest in a sturdy luggage vessel to keep your belongings safe.

Check for Cameras

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Nothing can make you feel more violated than being recorded without your knowledge. After you’ve swept your hotel room for people, do a more detailed search for cameras or any other recording devices.

While hotel staff is supposed to do a thorough cleaning between each guest’s stay, people are getting more creative with where to hide things. And, today’s cameras can be so small that they’re nearly impossible to see unless you’re specifically looking for them.

Check underneath lamp shades, in electrical outlets, clocks, and even smoke alarms. Your phone’s flashlight can also be used to detect hidden cameras. Hold it up to areas like electrical outlets. If there is a camera there, the light will reflect off of the lens.

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You can also use a travel flashlight to sweep for hidden cameras in your room.

Use a Portable Door Lock

Portable door lock

Most hotels today feature at least two types of locks on their room doors—a chain lock and a deadbolt. You should be utilizing both when you’re in the room. But, if you want extra security to absolutely ensure no one can break into your room, invest in a portable door lock.

They’re inexpensive, small, and light, so they’re easy to travel with and simple to use. You insert the metal part of the lock into the door strike, close the door, and slide the plate over the metal piece. Now, the door won’t budge from the inside or outside even if the deadbolt is unlocked (though you should still lock it). You don’t need any special tools for a portable door lock; it takes only seconds to put it in place.

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Added protection for your next hotel room stay.

Keep Your Room Safe While You’re Away

Woman closing hotel room curtains

Chances are, you’re traveling for a reason, and you’re not going to spend every minute in your room. But, you might be worried about the safety of your belongings while you’re away for the day.

The best thing to do is to make it look like you’re still in the room—even when you’re not. Hang the “do not disturb” tag on your door before you leave, so passersby will think you’re in the room and want to be left alone, rather than out and about.

You should also keep your room’s curtains shut, even when you’re gone. You never know who could be passing by, wanting to take a look inside your room to see if there’s anything they might want.

Don’t make your room number public knowledge. It can be easy to forget sometimes, so you might ask a friend or family member what room you’re in across the lobby, or you might call them from your cell to confirm. But, you never know who’s listening, or what their intentions might be.

Finally, even with these tips in place, keep your valuable belongings in the hotel room safe and use a key code that’s easy for you to remember but not one that might be too obvious if someone tried to break in.

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For added security, keep your most valuable belongings in a portable lock box.

Staying in a hotel should be a comforting and relaxing experience—not a scary one.

Ideally, you’ll choose an establishment that prioritizes safety and security. It’s worth it to do your research and read reviews ahead of time. But, no matter where you stay, these extra tips can help to ensure you, your family, and your belongings all stay safe so your time away from home can be a memorable experience for the right reasons.

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