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Is Sleeping with a Pillow Between Your Legs Good for You?

Woman sleeping with pillow between her knees

We all have different sleep positions and things we do to achieve comfort every night. Some people can’t live without a fan going. Others want three or four blankets and a pile of pillows underneath them. Some people even swear by sleeping with a pillow between their legs for added comfort, but it is really good for you?

If you tend to wake up with a sore back, yes!

Sleeping with a pillow between your legs actually has several benefits.

First, it can reduce back and hip pain. Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and sore, no matter what position you were sleeping in?

When you prop a pillow between your legs and sleep on your side, you’ll help to maintain the natural alignment of your hips and pelvis. Without a pillow, that alignment gets thrown off. Your hips could actually “sink” into the bed, causing a strain on your muscles.

If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle with sciatica, a pillow between your legs can also help. It reduces compression by keeping your spine straight while you sleep. When you aren’t twisting and turning all night, your sciatic nerve is less likely to act up and cause pain.

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Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can also help to improve your posture while you sleep. Think about how often you’re “slouching” throughout the day, especially if you have a desk job or spend most of your time sitting.

The simple act of placing a pillow between your legs at bedtime can boost your overall spinal health, and you’re likely to notice a difference in your posture after a short time.

There aren’t really any risks or drawbacks to sleeping with a pillow between your legs. However, if you find that it’s uncomfortable or you wake up sore or with back or neck pain after trying it, avoid repeating it or try a different position.

If you’re not sure how to properly use a pillow between your legs to help align your spine, lie down on your side with slightly bent knees and place a firm pillow between your knees or thighs. You should notice that it elevates your thigh enough to align your hips. If it doesn’t, try a firmer pillow or consider using more than one.

If you struggle with back and muscle pain when you wake up, placing a pillow between your legs could be the solution. It’s good for your body’s overall alignment, and you could even improve your posture while you sleep!

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