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Why You Need a Pool Noodle in Your Kitchen

Group of colorful pool noodles

We’re officially in the dog days of summer, and for many, that means soaking up as many hours in the pool as possible! There are countless pool toys and floaties to choose from, but nothing beats the classic pool noodle. But, while the foam-like noodles might be commonplace in the pool, you can also benefit by using them in the kitchen.

No, they’re not your next spaghetti replacement.

But, a pool noodle could be the “secret ingredient” to keeping your silverware drawer organized.

It’s obviously not difficult to go out and spend a few bucks on an organizer for your silverware. They’re designed to keep everything in place and to make it easy to grab what you need in a hurry.

But, not all organizers fit every drawer. Most come in fairly standard sizes that can’t be customized to fit the length of your silverware drawer.

So, even when you have your knives and forks in separate compartments, the organizer insert can slide around every time you open and close the drawer. That can cause your utensils to fall out or end up in the wrong compartment. And, if nothing else, it’s annoying to have to pull the organizer forward again every time you open the drawer.

How can a pool noodle help?

Think of it as a way to provide a customized extension to your silverware organizer. Measure the space between the top of your organizer and the back of the drawer. Then, simply cut a pool noodle to fit within that space. Insert the noodle, then your organizer, and it should rest in the drawer snugly without sliding or shifting at all.

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It’s such a quick and simple fix, but it eliminates the annoying issues of a sliding organizer and “jumping” silverware.

Chances are, you aren’t going to use a whole pool noodle for the job. So, use what’s left to create a safe, custom knife holder. We’re in the height of summer, and it’s peak picnic season. But, carrying sharp knives to cut things away from home can be dangerous.

Measure a pool noodle just longer than the length of your knives. Then, cut a slit in the noodle so you can safely tuck your knives inside. It makes it easy to transport them so no one will accidentally cut themselves. It also keeps the knives safe and will reduce the chances of them getting dull.

So, if you have an extra pool noodle or two laying around from your summer activities, consider bringing one inside and putting it to good use in the kitchen. These simple hacks can go a long way in making life just a little bit easier.

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