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Can You Wash a Weighted Blanket in the Washing Machine?

A gray weighted blanket
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Weighted blankets have become wildly popular over the last several years for their potential to promote relaxation and even alleviate anxiety. The weight of these blankets is created by adding materials like glass beads or plastic pellets sewn into the fabric. Because of this, you might be wondering if you can throw your weighted blanket in the washing machine with your other bedding. Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Put a Weighted Blanket in the Washing Machine?

Someone loads a blanket into a washing machine

The answer to this isn’t a simple yes or no. Whether or not you can wash a weighted blanket in a washing machine depends on its specific construction and materials of the one you own. While some blankets are designed to withstand machine washing, others can be ruined by the process.

Before deciding to throw your weighted blanket in the washing machine, read through the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. These should clearly state how the blanket should be cleaned.

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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

A gray weighted blanket
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If your weighted blanket is machine washable, it should be fairly simple to wash your blanket. Always begin by carefully reading the care label on the blanket. This will provide important information about the correct washing conditions, like water temperature, cycle type, and detergent recommendations.

Make sure your washing machine is large enough to accommodate the size and weight of the blanket without overloading it. There should be enough room in the machine for your blanket to move around with ease. Use a gentle or delicate cycle and opt for a mild, eco-friendly detergent to avoid harsh chemicals that might damage the fabric or the weighted materials inside.

Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, you can either tumble dry the weighted blanket on a low heat setting or air dry it. If the blanket is too large to fit comfortably in your dryer, hang it outside or indoors to air dry. Make sure it is thoroughly dried before using or storing it.

Degrees of Comfort Washable Weighted Blanket

This blanket comes with a cover that is machine washable.

When to Consider Professional Cleaning

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Some weighted blankets have specific components, like delicate fabrics or intricate stitching patterns, that might require professional cleaning to maintain their quality. If the care label recommends dry cleaning, it’s best to follow those instructions to prevent damage to your blanket. Professional cleaners have the expertise to handle special materials and maintain the integrity of your blanket during the cleaning process.

How Often Should You Wash a Weighted Blanket?

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How often you wash your weighted blanket largely depends on how often you use it and whether it’s exposed to spills, stains, or pet hair. As a general rule of thumb, you should wash your weighted blanket every few months unless a spill or accident occurs before that. Using a blanket cover can also help protect the blanket itself and reduce the need for frequent washing.

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Washing a weighted blanket in a washing machine is possible, but it won’t work for every blanket. Here’s what you need to know about washing your weighted blanket to keep it clean and comfortable for years to come.

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