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How to Make Your Home Smell Good—Even When You Don’t Have Guest

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Creating a pleasant-smelling home is not just reserved for when you have guests coming over. A fresh and inviting scent can do wonders for your mood and overall well-being. Whether you’re battling pesky pet odors, cooking smells, or just the stale air of everyday living, here’s how to make your home smell good all the time.

Get Rid of Moisture

A dehumidifier in a room
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If you’re wondering how to eliminate home odors, you should start with moisture. One of the key factors contributing to unpleasant odors in a home is excess moisture. Moisture in the air can lead to the growth of molds and mildew which emit musty smells.

If you live in a humid climate and are experiencing odd smells in your home, you may want to use a dehumidifier, which can reduce moisture in the air by extracting excess water.

TABYIK Dehumidifier

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Tackle the Fridge

A woman cleans her fridge

Tackling the fridge is essential for maintaining a fresh-smelling home. Start by cleaning out any expired or old food items that may be causing unpleasant odors.

Once the fridge is emptied, it’s time to give the interior a thorough scrub. Use a clean cloth or sponge to scrub the interior, paying extra attention to shelves, drawers, and door seals. Clean your fridge every few months to keep it fresh.

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Become a Plant Parent

A man tends to plants
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Are you looking for a natural and effective way to freshen up the air in your home? Consider becoming a plant parent. Not only do plants add a touch of beauty and life to your living space, but they also have air-filtering qualities that can help eliminate offensive odors.

Plants have the amazing ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through a process called photosynthesis. This natural process helps improve the air quality in your home by reducing pollutants and toxins.

Live Snake Plant

This plant is easy to care for and looks great.

Change Your Bedding Frequently

A couple changes their bedding

Changing your bedding frequently is not only important for maintaining good hygiene, but it can also help keep your home smelling good.

Over time, sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils accumulate on your sheets, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and causing unpleasant odors. Changing your bedding at least once a week can help eliminate these bacteria.

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Clean Your Microwave

Someone cleans a microwave
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Regularly cleaning your microwave is important not only for hygiene but also for eliminating unpleasant odors. Food residue can build up over time, causing lingering smells that can be quite off-putting.

Wipe down your microwave after every use to keep it clean. You can also purchase tools that make it easy to clean residue from the inside of your appliance.

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Put Out Flowers

A woman puts out flowers
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One of the simplest and most effective ways to fragrance your home is by putting out fresh flowers. These add a touch of beauty and elegance to any room and fill the air with wonderful fragrances.

Fresh flowers can provide a calming and relaxing effect, making them the perfect addition to any space.

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Invest in An Air Purifier

A woman in a room with an air purifier
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Investing in an air purifier is a smart way to improve the smell of your home, even when you don’t have guests. Air purifiers effectively remove impurities like dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke, and help create a fresher and cleaner scent throughout your home or apartment.

LEVOIT Air Purifier

This air purifier uses 3-stage HEPA Filtration to trap dust, pet dander, pollen, and more.

Make a Simmer Pot

A pot filled with fruit, leaves, and spices
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One simple and effective way to create a welcoming scent in your home is by making a simmer pot. To start, gather cinnamon sticks, cloves, and citrus rinds or slices. You can also add fresh herbs like rosemary or mint for an extra burst of aroma.

Next, fill a pot with water and add the ingredients. As the pot simmers on the stove, the heat will cause the ingredients to release their natural oils and create a subtle and pleasant fragrance.

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Clean the Carpets Regularly

A man vacuums his carpet

Regularly cleaning your carpets is essential for maintaining a fresh and pleasant smelling home. Not only does it help to remove dirt and dust, but it also prevents the buildup of bad odors.

Vacuuming your carpets at least once a week is crucial for removing dirt, dust, and other debris that can contribute to unpleasant smells. You should also deep clean your carpets every 6-12 months to avoid buildup.

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Remember Shoes And Coats

A coat rack with shoes

Keeping your home smelling fresh goes beyond just cleaning the carpets. To ensure a pleasant scent throughout your space, it’s important to pay attention to other areas like shoes and coats.

Coats can absorb odors from various environments, including smoke, cooking smells, and outdoor pollutants. Make sure to wash your coats regularly according to the care instructions to eliminate any lingering odors.

Shoes can bring in dirt, germs, and unpleasant smells from outside. Regularly clean and deodorize your shoes to prevent these odors from spreading inside your home.

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Keeping your home smelling fresh and pleasant doesn’t have to be a challenge, even when you don’t have guests. These simple yet effective methods will not only keep your home smelling great but also save you money by eliminating the need for expensive air fresheners and sprays.

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