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Viral DIY Halloween Decor Easy Enough For You

Cozy Halloween decorations in a living room.

Good news, spooky lovers! Halloween is just around the corner. What better way to prepare than by creating your own unique DIY Halloween decorations? You know if you start now then they’ll all be ready in time for spooky season.

Thanks to the creative minds on TikTok, there’s an abundance of easy and affordable DIY Halloween décor ideas that will transform your home into a haunted haven. Let’s dive into some viral DIYs that are easy enough for anyone to tackle.

Spooky Crystal Ball


DIY CRYSTAL BALL Supplies: • 1 Snow Globe (I got mine from the Dollar Tree) • Cotton Balls • Glitter • Water • Food Dye Turn volume up for directions! Isn’t this adorable? Happy October First! #diycrystalball #halloweencraft #crystalball #halloweenideas #halloweendiy #diy #howto #funhalloweencrafs #crafswithkids #halloweencraftswithkids #crafthack

♬ original sound - Leah Ferezan

This easy Halloween décor idea only takes a few minutes. Begin by opening your snow globe, then tearing up a few cotton balls. Add glitter of your choice to your snow globe, then layer over with your fluffed-up cotton balls. Keep layering until your snow globe is full.

Next, fill three separate bowls with some water and add a different color of food dye to each bowl. Once your dye is ready, start pouring the colored water into your snow globe to dye your cotton balls different colors.

Add more glitter, cotton balls, and dye until the entire snow globe is full. Screw on the lid and enjoy your spooky TikTok Halloween crystal ball.

Materials needed: a snow globe, cotton balls, glitter, water, three bowls, and food dye.

Creative Hobbies 4 Inch DIY Snow Globe

You can decorate your snow globe for more holidays than just Christmas.

Floating Candles


it's easy to make, and gives a great effect! #diy #halloween #spooky #spookyseason #DoritosDareToBeBurned #OLAFLEX #fyp #artistsoftiktok #paint #halloweendiy #craft #art #crafts #floating #candle #halloweenathome

♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song - PeriTune

Transform your space into the eerie halls of Hogwarts with these haunted floating candles…or you can have a fun TikTok Halloween craft party and make your own.

Add some drips of glue to the top of the toilet paper roll. Put some glue on the inside of the roll to create a ledge where your tea light can rest. Next, paint it all white, let it dry, and then put the tea light into the top of your faux candle.

Add thread to the top so it can easily hang from the ceiling. Turn on your tea light, turn off the house lights, and enjoy the magical effect.

Materials needed: Flameless Candles with Magic Wand Remote and some patience, or take the DIY route and grab some tea lights, empty toilet paper rolls, white paint, a glue gun, and a needle with thread.

Flameless Candles with Magic Wand

Make these creepy candles yourself, or buy them ready to go!

Creepy Cloth Ghosts


DIY Lit Ghosts! 👻 Found these on pinterest, and had to make some! So happy with how they turned out, and they were so easy to put together!! #porchghost #diyghost #ghostdecor #halloweendiy #halloweendecorations

♬ autumn trinkets - sarahdeluxe

It’s not really Halloween without some adorable ghosts around. You can easily make this DIY Halloween décor in only a few minutes.

Begin by securing a styrofoam ball to the tomato cage, then wrap the cage in white Christmas lights. Throw a white sheet over the top, and attach some black ovals for the eyes using black fabric or paper and glue. Turn on the lights and viola! You have an adorable ghost.

Materials needed: Tomato cage, styrofoam ball, Christmas lights, a white sheet, and black ovals for eyes.

Plant Support Tomato Cages

Tomato cages aren't just useful in the garden! They're great assistance for Halloween decorating.

Spooky Spider Webs


Tried the Halloween hot glue cobwebs. It definitely was a roller coaster of emotions, but it turned out great in the end. Please excuse me while I cobweb the rest of my home. #halloweenaesthetic #hotgluehacks #halloweenspiderwebs #halloweencrafts #halloweendiy #halloween2022

♬ original sound - TheDisInsider

If you don’t mind a bit of cleanup after the season, these DIY spider webs are a great décor idea. Grab your nifty hot glue gun and your blow dryer, then get ready to work.

All you have to do is turn your blow dryer on high heat, then gently squeeze out hot glue over the burning breeze. The hair dryer will blow the glue in thin wisps all over any surface you want, covering it in webs.

It’s highly recommended to test this décor idea on surfaces you don’t mind being ruined to be sure you get the technique right…and that you can clean it up afterward. Yes, this is adorable, but also, try it at your own risk.

Materials needed: A hot glue gun, a blow dryer, and a lot of bravery.

Conair Hair Dryer

If you don't have a hair dryer dedicated to arts and crafts, then what are you even doing?

Pumpkin Topiary


Pumpkin Topiary! 🎃🍂 1. Carvable pumpkins from any craft store. 2. Faux stems (cutting them made it more manageable) 3. Hot glue! #pumpkintopiary #falldecor #diyfalldecor #fallhomedecor #falldecorating

♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song - PeriTune

Elevate your porch décor with a TikTok Halloween pumpkin topiary! Not only is this the perfect Halloween décor addition, but it works well for the full fall season so you don’t have to take it down once November comes.

Start by gluing fall leaves to your largest pumpkin before stacking your medium pumpkin overtop. Repeat the process by adding more leaves, then top with the smallest pumpkin. That’s it! This elegant DIY adds a touch of sophistication to your Halloween décor.

Materials needed: 3 crafting pumpkins (small, medium, and large), faux fall leaves, and hot glue.

7 Pcs Assorted Sizes Fall Artificial Pumpkins

Keep your Halloween decorations classy with these adorable pumpkins.

Haunted Flying Bats


Replying to @kerrylight3 🦇hope this helps! Happy Halloween! #halloween #halloweendecor #diyhomedecor

♬ Halloween - KenZie DarkStar

This creepy Halloween décor is remarkably easy. Begin by grabbing two bats that are the same size, then putting a piece of Gorilla putty on the middle of one. Cut a piece of fishing line, press that into the putty, and then press the other bat on top to create a sort of bat sandwich.

Repeat the process until you have all the bats you want, then use the gorilla mounting tape to attach the fishing line to the ceiling. Make sure you place your bats strategically to surprise and spook your guests.

Materials needed: Halloween PVC bats, Gorilla Mountain tape and putty, and a fishing line.

Bats Wall Decor

These bats are the perfect addition to your eerie fall décor.

Monster Bushes


#fyp #crafts #diy #decor #halloween

♬ Mountain King - Halloween Sound Effects

Add an eerie touch to your outdoor decor with glowing eyes in the bushes. Begin by painting your mixing bowls until they look like massive eyes. Glue your lights to the inside and glue pieces of string to the rim.

Turn on the lights, then tie your eyes onto your bushes outdoors for an unexpected and creepy effect.

Materials needed: Clear, large plastic mixing bowls, paint, string, battery LED lights, and hot glue.

Tap Light Push Lights STAR-SPANGLED

Battery operated lights will keep your house spooky all season long.

Mummy Door


Easy, less than $5 DIY Halloween decor 🎃 #diylover #halloweendecor #halloweendiy #mummy #pinterest

♬ Carmina Burana - Halloween

Materials needed: White streamers, construction paper, tape, and scissors (bonus: plastic spiders).

Give your front door a mummified makeover. Wrap white streamers around the door, securing them with tape. Once it’s fully mummified, attach googly eyes made out of your construction paper to complete the spooky look.

If you want to add some extra spooky spice, add some plastic spiders.

TUPARKA 50-Piece Plastic Realistic Spiders

Think of how much you can accomplish with these spooky spiders.

Floating Witch Hats


Floating Witch Hats #halloween #halloweendecor #halloweenprops #halloweendiy #witches

♬ original sound - Scarrie Halloween

Create an enchanting display with floating witch hats. Begin by tying some fishing line tightly around your candles. Then, you’ll want to string fishing line through the top of the witch hat with a needle, so the candle is inside the hat and the hat can hang.

Next, hang your witch hats at different heights from command hooks on your porch or in your home. Enjoy the spooky vibes!

Materials needed: Witch hat, fishing line, needle, battery-operated candles, scissors, and command strips.

Seasons Stars SSDecor Halloween Witch Hat

There is so much decoration potential with this witch hat...plus, it can be used for a costume in a pinch!

Creepy Candle Holders


DIY Halloween Decor #diy #dollartree #halloween #haunted #decor #scary #candles #craftgrooms

♬ Amityville Horror - Scary Halloween Sound Effects - Halloween Sound Effects

This DIY Halloween décor is super creepy and perfect for any craft lover. Begin by painting your glasses with a light coat of black paint. Once that’s fully dry, print out some vintage photos that give you a little bit of the creeps…then cut the eyes out.

Add a layer of mod podge to your painted glass, then press on your photos. Add another layer of mod podge, then allow everything to fully dry before placing your candle inside and letting it glow.

Materials needed: Dollar Tree glasses, black chalk paint, mod podge, LED candle, and vintage photos.

YIWER Battery Tea Lights Candles

You need a full set of battery-operated tea lights to fulfill your Halloween décor dreams.

With these creative and viral DIY Halloween décor ideas from TikTok, you’ll have your home looking spooktacular in no time. From floating candles to witchy glowing hats, these budget-friendly and imaginative ideas will make your Halloween festivities a memorable and eerie experience.

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