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How to Host a Non-Alcoholic Party That’s Just As Fun

A group of friends sit around a table having a dinner party.

The sober-curious movement has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years. With post-holidays sober months like Dry January and Dry July, more people are dipping their toes into an alcohol-free lifestyle. Plus, there are more alcohol-free spirits, pre-made mocktails, and tasty recipes than ever, so hosting a non-alcoholic party can be more fun than you might think.

Whether you’re diving into the sober-curious movement, you know someone who is, or you just want to host an event everyone can comfortably attend, a non-alcoholic party could be the way to go.

Let’s cover a few tips that will ensure your alcohol-free party is a hit.

Be Thoughtful With Decor

Outdoor party setup with tables and globe lights

Setting the scene is important for any party. You want to let your guests know that everything is going to be just as fun and lighthearted—even without alcohol. So, don’t hesitate to go big on decor. If you’re setting up a dinner party, give each person their own special place setting.

If things are more casual, spring for classic decorations like globe lights, streamers, lanterns, and a good sound system. People can use alcohol to break the ice and feel more comfortable. Without it, you’ll need to create an environment that allows them to feel that same kind of comfort.

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Provide Entertainment

Group of friends in a circle playing a party game
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People have different expectations for parties, but almost everyone who attends will be there to have fun and relax. If you’re having a non-alcoholic party, one of the best ways to encourage those things is to provide some kind of entertainment.

Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner child and have games for people to play. Things like cornhole and horseshoes are instant attractions for outdoor parties. If you’re hosting something inside, come up with creative challenges, like “minute to win it” games that will get everyone involved and interacting without the assistance of alcohol.

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Focus On Presentation

A cold peach mocktail with blackberry and a basil leaf
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Just because you’re not serving alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t have great food and drinks. Again, there’s been a huge rise in non-alcoholic beverage companies over the last few years. Some of the best zero-proof spirits include:

You can also find an alternative to just about any traditional alcohol. So, if you have a famous or favorite cocktail, you can make it non-alcoholic by substituting the spirits.

Alcohol is expensive. Keeping it out of your party will already save you some serious cash. So, use the money you save to splurge on cute and fancy glasses or garnishes for your mocktails. Those little extra touches will go a long way!

Focusing on presentation, especially with your drinks, will show your guests that you don’t need to include alcohol to have a proper party or to have a good time. Consider making a signature mocktail for your event that will get people talking and perhaps pique their interest in a sober-curious lifestyle.

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Make It Fun With Food

People gathered around an outdoor dining table with food and drinks

People pair food with wine or beer the time. There are plenty of flavors that complement each other, and it’s fun to see how certain foods can bring out certain notes in various drinks.

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same experience with non-alcoholic beverages.

Create a tasting menu for your party or center your meals around certain mocktails and non-alcoholic spirits. You can even use them in your cooking to help your guests appreciate the flavors. Doing so will allow them to appreciate the nuances of what they’re eating and drinking, rather than just the effects of alcohol.

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Sober party ideas don’t have to be boring. You and your guests can enjoy all of the fun, mingling, and laughter of a party with alcohol without the hangover to deal with.

So, no matter your reason for throwing a dry get-together, keep these ideas in mind to ensure it’s a success.

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